Geoff Morris,
UX Designer

I'm fascinated by technology's impact on our thoughts and emotions.

I want to work towards a more humane technological landscape.

Let's build tools that people feel good about.



10x UX Designer, Freelance

I'm represented by 10x Management. They connect me with great clients, helping me to take on all kinds of projects.


10x is the premier management agency for developers.

Working with 10x has given me the opportunity to work with startups and mid-sized organizations in a variety of fields. Some of my recent projects include: I'm helping this edu-tech startup build a mobile education platform, providing user research, user story sketches, mockups, and wireframes. This health screening startup hired me to redesign and prototype their About Us page.

Zellis: I worked with this health insurance company make doctor copays painless, providing wireframing and front-end mobile design.

Swisher Artists Project: I provided front-end engineering and design services, and implemented an online Listeners' Choice music video contest.

STL Tones: I provided this audio engineering company with rapid prototyping services and DSP research.

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Cycling'74 UX Engineer

I helped make user research and iterative design a fundamental part of how C'74 builds software.


Cycling '74 makes Max, the premier graphical programming environment for media. Max helps artists and musicians build their own software.

"Beyond the designs that we ended up implementing, Geoff left us with a large set of observations, concepts, and practices that transformed our organization for the better."
-David Zicarelli
CEO, Cycling ’74

Max is a visual coding environment. Modular code objects manipulate audio, video, and data, and can be patched together to create complex programs.

I worked as a usability engineer at C'74 for four years. During that time we made usability a primary focus of our development of Max 7. We also released Mira, a zero-config iOS controller for Max, and a new version of Max For Live, our plugin authoring platform for Ableton Live.

Mira, the zero-config Max controller for iOS, in situ.

From running C74's first usability tests to the formation of the Product Design team, I helped develop UX theory and practice throughout the company, making user research, prototyping, and iterative design a fundamental part of how C74 builds software.

Learn more at, or take a closer look at the new UX improvements in Max 7.


I helped ENVELOP develop a UI for their immersive audio platform.


I worked with Envelop to develop a UI for their immersive audio platform. This interface allows musicians to create three dimensional compositions for ambisonic performance.

Envelop interface prototype

The foundation of ENVELOP’s technology is Ambisonics, an innovative open source sound mapping technique. Using Ambisonics, artists determine a virtual location in space where they want to place a sound source, which is then rendered to a spherical array of speakers. ENVELOP is 28.4 channel Ambisonic sound system can position and move sound elements above, below, in front of, behind, and completely around an audience. A high-fidelity video projection system and LED lights embedded within the ENVELOP columns can be controlled in unison with audio to build synchronized audio/visual compositions.

Envelop speaker towers concept sketch

ENVELOP's Kickstarter campaign successfully funded the fabrication and installation of the ambisonic environment at the new media performance center, The Midway, opening summer 2015 in San Francisco. If you'd like to get involved, check out the github repo.

Afield UX Designer

I designed a proposal for this mobile recording, spacialized sound experience.


Afield is a timecapsule, a way of connecting to places you've left behind, a method of digitourism, and a means of collapsing physical distance.

Afield is a mobile app for creating shared auditory/ambulatory experiences. It’s like a sonic scavenger hunt where you follow your ears instead of a map. If you’re lucky, you’ll get well and truly lost in the process.

Make geotagged field recordings on your mobile device, and share them as a SonicWalk. Take a SonicWalk, and those recordings become audible beacons that you can follow as you explore your city, town, or countryside…

This storyboard outlines the basic user experiences of recording and sharing sonic walks, and touches on the signal processing concept that will be used to spacialize the sound.

Afield is under development. Check out the development blog at

WJ Perry UX Designer

I designed educational content for the former Secretary of Defense's nuclear non-proliferation foundation.


The WJ Perry foundation wants to help create a new generation of activists to fight nuclear proliferation.

Former US Secretary of Defense William Perry founded this organization to raise awareness about the threat of nuclear weapons. I designed and deployed their homepage, and developed designs for educational materials to help engage a new generation of activists through interactive media.

Proposal for interactive mapping module on White Sands, NM, site of the first nuclear test.

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USF Adjunct Faculty

I taught studio and seminar classes on new media art at the University of San Francisco.


I developed and taught two classes for the University of San Francisco's Art and Design department: "Digital Literacy" a studio/seminar on new media art, and "Digital Media Lab" a course on graphic, interaction, and web design.

The course blog can be found at

Futurefarmers PM, UX Designer

I developed websites, installations, and immersive experiences with the Art/Design collective Futurefarmers.


Working with Futurefarmers gave me my first experience in web development and interaction design and had a deep influence in my ongoing interests in art, technology, and community.

From their website:

Futurefarmers is a group of diverse practitioners aligned through an interest in making work that is relevant to the time and place surrounding us. Founded in 1995, the design studio serves as a platform to support art projects, an artist in residence program and our research interests. We are artists, researchers, designers, architects, scientists and farmers with a common interest in creating frameworks for exchange that catalyze moments of "not knowing".

The Free Soil project - mapping superfund sites in the Bay Area

I acted as project manager and web developer for the award winning project TransportationTown, which was featured in the MOMA's Interactive Design exhibit, Talk to Me.

Transportation Town - a city planning simulation game

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Citroll Founder, Game Design

One fateful night at the kitchen table, I created a new game. Now I want to teach the world to Citroll!


One fateful night at the kitchen table, I created a new game. Now I want to teach the world to Citroll!

Citrol is many things. A sport, an artform, a way of life...and an experiment in crowdsourcing, community engagement, design. Citroll founders mufflepult, hardtoremember and I have created twitter feeds, blogs, and even Amazon Turk campaigns to spread the word and teach the world to Citroll.

All you need are a citroll ball, a citroll paddle, and a flat surface. Just roll the citroll ball onto your paddle, and lift off. That's the basic citroll, but the variations are try it!

Upload a video of yourself playing citroll and be a part of what will surely be the next big thing on the internet.

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Bunkerdays Founder, Music Label

I started this label specializing in limited edition cassette releases of ambient and experimental music.


I created a record label for showcasing experimental and ambient music, called Bunkerdays.

Bunkerdays pulls together many of the musical projects I've been involved in over the years, including ambient, experimental, folk, and electronic music.

The Bunkerdays Catalog

Listen at



I approach each project from the user's perspective. The UX process provides a framework that can help steer development past breakdowns in communication, ambiguities, and ambivalence, while keeping the team's focus on the end user experience.


User Research

I sit real users down in front of a product, website, or prototype, and interview them as they try it out. Simple questions can yeild a wealth of qualitative information about how your product feels, where it succeeds, and how it can be improved.



A storyboard is like a comic strip, outlining the story of a user and their interaction with your product. It explicitly answers essential questions which might have been taken for granted - Who is the user? What do they need? How can we help?



Wireframes provide a vision of the essential structure and user flow of an interaction, without getting involved in visual design or implementation details. They outline your product's user experience and provide the roadmap for development.


UI Design

I strive to make nice things that work in a quiet way. Typography, color, and motion need to work together to create an interaction with the user that feels real, natural, and expected.


Front End Dev

I'm always learning new tools and platforms. That's given me a broad base in modern frameworks for web and mobile development that allows me to quickly mockup interactive prototypes



I use A/B testing, funelling, and other metrics to make the impact of design choices tangible. Data provides insight and confidence, keeping your product's design aligned with your users' needs.



I'm an award winning UX Designer with a deep background in Cognitive Science and Human/Computer Interaction (MS, Symbolic Systems, Stanford '06) and over ten years' experience living and working in the SF Bay Area.

I can turn your idea into a business, make a good product into a great one, and help your organization adopt best practices in user-focused design.

If you'd like to work together, please contact me through the links below.